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Understanding how to take control and manage your finances

Our workshops on general financial wellbeing are designed for any member of staff from new hires to those about to retire.

Happiness in the workplace has been shown by many studies to have a direct link to productivity. A happy workforce is an effective workforce. In  January 2017, the CIPD commissioned research to look at the impact of poor financial wellbeing on employees.  It found that one in four workers report money worries have affected their ability to do their job, one in ten say they have found it hard to concentrate or make decisions at work because of money worries and 19% have lost sleep worrying about money, all of which impact on productivity.  This research provides a compelling case for employers to take steps to improve their workers’ financial wellbeing and in turn their businesses’ bottom line.

Our relationship with money can be complicated; we often associate guilt, shame and even fear with this sensitive subject.  Furthermore, money has the potential to limit us, often creating conflict within our relationships and increasing anxiety and worry.

Managed effectively, money can bridge a gap that offers us multiple options and the courage to live and fulfill our dreams and ambitions more easily.


Our Financial Wellbeing Workshops are a series of informative and practical bite-size sessions to help people transform their relationship with money. 


The interactive sessions focus on optimising daily cash flow and managing debt, encouraging employees to use their finances and create plans based around increasing their happiness as well as providing strategies, tools and techniques to get them on track to making the most of their earnings.

When arranging these sessions, we welcome suggestions for topics. If your unsure what financial topics will be most beneficial, we can tailor an online survey made specifically for your organisation to help understand the needs of your employees. 

Half-day workshop

Cost - £400 

Make an enquiry

For more information about this course, please contact us on telephone:07914 838428– or send us an email using the button below.

One-to-one sessions are also available online or face-to-face. 

Contact to find out more

Up to 15 participants

Suitable for all employees

Personal Budgeting

Saving & Investments



Banks & Building Societies


Debt Management


Understanding Tax

Reducing Your Outgoings

Planning for the Future


Pensions & Retirement


Money Management Tools & Hacks

Your Trainer


Kirsti Cox

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Kirsti has over 20 years of experience supporting organisations and individuals to improve, develop and grow. Kirsti encourages everyone to embrace the

'F word', (Finance) facilitating open discussions in a warm and jargon-free environment. 

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