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A 2018 study found that nearly one-third of employees are not motivated at work, identifying financial security and well-being as key workplace concerns.



According to official statistics, 67% of people would talk about their mental ill-health to their family, 63% would talk to their friends, 12% would talk to their work colleagues but only 2% would talk to their manager or Human Resources Department.


Employees are often reticent to discuss mental health, substance abuse or financial and gambling issues at work because they believe it may affect their job security, promotion, workplace relationships.  

A 2013 study by Mind identified that 60% of employees would feel more motivated at work if their employer took action to support their mental health and wellbeing.

We understand the importance of finding a balance between achieving business goals and managing mental health and workplace well-being


We recognise that to thrive and maximise profitability a business needs to be competitive and goal focussed. We can help you to successfully balance mental health and well-being alongside these goals, including when performance may be challenged.




Through open conversations it is possible to remove the stigma and fear surrounding mental health, enabling employees to have the competence and confidence to act. Colleagues will feel empowered to start a conversation because they know how to talk about mental health and they’ll know what support is available and how to access it. The result? An engaged, proactive and supportive workforce. 


Our mental health is on a continuum and may move along the continuum at any time. A shift away from health towards stress or illness can be as debilitating as changes in our physical health. Both impact our ability to do what we could, should or want to do and will affect work performance; yet mental health issues are often overlooked. We want to help you address this and improve both employee engagement and overall business performance.

Supporting a mentally healthy workplace can improve manager and employee relations, reduce presenteeism, help to manage absenteeism and ensure that your organisation complies with the Equality Act 2010 and Employer legislation

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